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“I choose to explore these games against the natural will of my avatars… I choose to do it as a photographer. These pictures were taken over the course of my walks in these virtual universes.”  Thibault Brunet

I first came across the work of French photographer, Thibault Brunet, last year and was immediately struck.  Since I do not play video games, his portraits and landscapes from virtual worlds were the first time I had encountered the possibilities of what it means to be “in” a game, and yet not participating as anything more than a photographer.

Brunet follows these soldiers on combat missions, understands their behaviors, and like a traditional photojournalist, documents their world, while blurring the lines between fiction and reality.  His work, importantly, raises lots of questions.  What is a photograph?  What is a portrait?  How is virtual reality shaping our behavior and sense of “reality”? 

Brunet’s photographs have gained considerable international attention, including coverage in Time LightBox and as a runner-up in Aperture’s portfolio prize. His first solo show is ending this Saturday at 4RT Contemporary in Brussels.  It’s worth taking a look at his site to see how this young artist is changing our ideas about what a photograph can be.  —Lane Nevares