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 ”The soul never thinks without a picture.” —Aristotle.

Pentti Sammallahti may be the most famous Finnish photographer you’ve never heard about. Born in Helsiniki in 1950, Sammallahti has been taking photos and creating distinguished monographs for some time now.  He is an expert craftsman and superb printer. And through his teaching, he has influenced a whole generation of Finnish (and many other) documentary photographers.

Seeing a new show of his work currently on display at the Nailya Alexander Gallery in New York convinced me that, despite my ardent attention to Photography and its history, an important artist can sometimes be overlooked. The deep, rich tones of his expert prints are exhilarating to see first hand. The subtlety and indescribable mystery to his work resonated deeply within me. Pentti Sammallahti is a major talent and though I am late to “discover” his work, I am humbled.  —Lane Nevares