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"And why is it good? For its own sake. For magnifying the artist’s process. For exalting the principles of nature, the acquired wisdom of man and that to which he aspires—illuminations."—Patti Smith

The aforementioned quote is from the preface to Lynn Davis’s monograph, Monument. It elegantly opens up the conversation of why one creates art. Whether it’s poetry, philosophy, prose, painting, sculpture, science, music or photography, the true believers seek the good. Patti Smith and Lynn Davis have been friends a long time. I suppose in their own ways they’ve been fellow travelers.

Lynn Davis’s work, which is widely known and collected, spans continents and invites contemplation. Through her old Rolleiflex camera she captures an austere graciousness in the remnants of civilizations past and present. The unique tone of her prints, seen first hand, is remarkable. But what captivates me most in her work is the spirit of travel, the connection to that inherent part of ourselves that wants to see the world.

Davis’s latest exhibit, “Modern Views of Ancient Treasures,” opens this Friday in Venice, Italy at the National Museum of Archaeology. —Lane Nevares