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"I don’t want the images to end at the picture’s edge. They continue far beyond – to where thoughts leap, even as our eyes are engaged. Persistently impelled there by the picture. Transported."—Tim Jørgensen 

The Danish photographer, Tim Jørgensen, asks us to explore the visual relationship between Architecture and Photography. Employing tilt-shift photography, he unveils what the naked eye cannot see. His wanderings through Dubai and Shanghai reveal cities in a state of aspiration: gleaming skyscrapers, luxury towers, and commercial decadence, the grand manifestations of the early 21st Century.

These photographs are from his series, “Displacements.” I discovered Tim’s work last year and met up with him in Copenhagen to sign him up to work with Nevares Fine Art .  His photographs impress me (and other collectors) with their attention to beauty, while pursuing new ways to visually interpret architecture. I no longer look at buildings the same way.  Lane Nevares