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"One often wrongfully compares photographs to paintings. This is nonsense. The image does not refer to painting but to something alive through which passes silence…"—Lise Sarfati 

Tomorrow night, Lise Sarfati’s latest exhibition, On Hollywood, opens at Yossi Milo Gallery here in New York. Sarfati, already well known as a Magnum Photographer, chose, unconventionally, to use Kodachrome 64 transparency film to create this latest series. Kodachrome 64 film stock was originally used in the early Hollywood films of the 1940’s and there is only one lab left in the States where it can be developed.

Sarfati’s decision to use this type of film is significant. For a photographer not to have immediate feedback (on a digital display screen) of their work, means that they’re trusting their instincts, never knowing until much later whether they have captured the image they sought. It also means that our eyes see colors and light through a medium that is no longer readily available. And for Sarfati, it references the old glamour of Hollywood alongside the reality of life for these women in today’s Hollywood.

I am curious what others think of this work. I have always found that Sarfati’s European background strongly informs how she sees American culture. Her point-of-view is distinct. While I find references to other great photographers in her work, there is no doubt that the alchemy she creates between photographer and subject is compelling.—Lane Nevares 

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