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“I love it most when I manage to surprise myself. I don’t like to tell the viewer what they should see in the images either. I think one of the beautiful things about photography is that every viewer can find their own story in the picture.”  Lina Scheynius 

The Swedish photographer Lina Scheynius is better known for her fashion/commercial work than her personal images, but I think this is an oversight. There is an easy grace, a spiritual freedom in her work that shines consistently through.  I came across her work last month, and have come back to it a few times since, especially this series on “Alba.” 

Because she’s largely self-taught and has developed her craft outside of any formal/academic milieu, her work radiates with authenticity and independence.  I sense that her work is true to herself.  Her attention to light, in particular, is lovely and intimate.  Call me a fan, and one who looks forward to receiving her latest book and to following her future projects.  —Lane Nevares

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