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"The unconscious obsession that we photographers have is that wherever we go, we want to find the theme that we carry inside ourselves."  Graciela Iturbide

Mexico’s contribution to the history of photography is important, and one I would argue, often underestimated.  Tomorrow, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art’s exhibit "Photography in Mexico" opens to address that perception.  With over 150 images from more than 30 photographers spanning the fertile cultural period after the Mexican Revolution (1910-1920) to the present day, the exhibit will explore the cultural and ideological strands that have woven their way through the 20th Century and into our 21st. 

Kudos to the SFMOMA for organizing another great show and for providing the opportunity to explore a rich and diverse photographic history, one that is becoming much more internationalized/globalized as we move deeper into the new century.  —Lane Nevares

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